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Classics - Greatest Hits and More CD

Classics - Greatest Hits and More CD

24 Maart 2020


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Classics - Greatest Hits and More  CD
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The Classics
Greatest Hits and More
24 Maart 2020
01 Bury My Heart
02 In Yucatan
03 Ashes and Diamonds
04 In the Eyes of My Melanie
05 Moonlight and Stars
06 Hey What’s Your Name
07 Wings of an Eagle
08 Gimme That Horse
09 My Lady of Spain
10 I Only Want To Be With You
11 Sweet Love To You
12 Paradise Lady
13 Yellow Sun of Equador
14 M Gonna Loose You
15 Dance In the Sunlight Winter Has Come
16 May I Take a Giant Step Into Your Heart
17 Come Take My Hand
18 Papa Peppone
19 Too Late To Love Me Now

Bonus Track:
20 Joep Beurskens - Do You Remember (Part II)

01 Lovely Angel Eyes
02 Sunshine Baby
03 My Russian Lady
04 Be Careful With Friendship
05 One Armed Bandit
06 Crying Time
07 Love is a Game
08 Dancing On the Floor
09 Skinny Girl
10 The Dustman
11 In a Little Cafe
12 Is It So Hard To Be a Millionaire
13 If You Come To San Francisco
14 Do You Still Remember
15 Fools Like Me
16 If My Heart Was Your Heart
17 Let Me Be Your Teacher
18 I Like To Be Free
19 Santa Monica
20 Sitting On the Fence
21 Windy
22 Ann

Bonus Track:
23 Take This Hammer

Originele opnamen
Behalve de grootste hits op dit dubbel album van meer dan 40 tracks ook een paar unieke bonus tracks