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Get On Board The Soul Train Vol. 1 (+12 inch) CD8

Get On Board The Soul Train Vol. 1 (+12 inch) CD8

25 Augustus (import usa) moeilijk leverbaar

€ 149.00
Artikelcode: 07-21/8A1454/7a8681
Get On Board The Soul Train Vol. 1 (+12 inch)  CD8
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Get On Board The Soul Train Vol. 1

50th anniversary of Philadelphia International Records
25 Augustus 2021 (levertijd onmgeveer 4-5 wkn)
United Souls (usa)
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Cd1 Billy Paul - Going East
East [06:21]
(If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) Why Can`t I Touch You? [02:42]
This Is Your Life [04:16]
Jesus Boy (You Only Look Like A Man) [04:17]
Magic Carpet Ride [05:19]
I Wish It Were Yesterday [03:50]
Compared To What [05:20]
Love Buddies [03:39]
There`s A Small Hotel [04:27]

Cd2 Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – I Miss You
I Miss You [08:36]
Ebony Woman [03:40]
Yesterday I Had the Blues [07:32]
If You Don`t Know Me By Now [03:26]
Be For Real [07:29]
Let Me Into Your World [02:40]
Let It Be You [03:32]

Cd3 The O’Jays – Back Stabbers
When the World`s at Peace [05:18]
Back Stabbers [03:06]
Who Am I [05:11]
(They Call Me) Mr. Lucky [03:19]
Time To Get Down [02:52]
992 Arguments [06:06]
Listen To The Clock On The Wall [03:46]
Shiftless, Shady, Jealous Kind of People [03:36]
Sunshine [03:42] 10.  Love Train   [02:58]

Cd4 Billy Paul – 360 Degrees Of Billy Paul
Brown Baby [04:36]
I`m Just a Prisoner [08:05]
It`s Too Late [04:33]
Me and Mrs. Jones [04:45]
Am I Black Enough for You? [05:18]
Let`s Stay Together [06:27]
Your Song [06:32]
I`m Gonna Make It This Time [04:24]

Cd5 Dick Jensen – Dick Jensen
A Penny for Your Thoughts [03:02]
I Don`t Want to Cry [02:49]
Three Cheers to Love [03:27]
Fat Mama [02:14]
New York City`s a Lonely Town [03:07]
32nd Street [02:59]
Going Up On The Mountain [02:53]
Peace of Mind [02:47]
Shall We Gather by the Water [02:32]
Tamika (Come Back Later) [02:57]

Cd6 The Intruders – Save The Children
Save the Children [06:58]
Mother and Child Reunion [04:04]
I Wanna Know Your Name [05:50]
To Be Happy Is the Real Thing [03:28]
I`ll Always Love My Mama [06:37]
Memories Are Here to Stay [03:15]
Teardrops [05:07]
Hang On In There [03:21]

Freddie`s Dead [07:09]
Family Affair [04:21]
Something For Nothing [03:00]
Back Stabbers [06:30]
Lay In Low [03:44]
Poinciana [05:57]

Cd8 Billy Paul – Ebony Woman
Ebony Woman [02:50]
Mrs. Robinson [04:30]
The Windmills Of Your Mind [08:00]
Everyday People [03:55]
Let`s Fall In Love All Over Again [03:50]
Windy [03:50] 7.  Psychedelic Sally   [02:58]
Traces [04:01] 9.  Proud Mary   [02:23]

Bonus 12-inch vinyl The O'Jays
A-side: Back Stabbers   [03:07]
B-side: MFSB - Back Stabbers instrumental  [04:53

Luxe hardcover box 30x30cm, inclusief boek en 12'' maxi single
Limited oplage van 2500 stuks World Wide

Dit is het eerste deel in een limited edition-serie die de eerste acht studioalbums omvat die door PIR van 1971-1973 zijn uitgebracht. Deze serie biedt alle albums en zijn bovendien geremasterd van de originele banden en zal de geschiedenis van Philadelphia International Records chronologisch in kaart brengen.

De acht ''classic'' albums in Volume 1 omvatten: Billy Paul: Going East, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes: I Miss You, The O'Jays: Back Stabbers, Billy Paul: 360 Degrees of Billy Paul, Dick Jensen: Dick Jensen, The Intruders: Save the Children, MFSB: MFSB en Billy Paul: Ebony Woman.

De acht cd's zijn verpakt in een grote luxe hardcover box inclusief een prachtig 48 pagina's tellend boek met aantekeningen van Tony Cummings (auteur van The Sound of Philadelphia) en een voorwoord van Ralph Tee (Blues & Soul Magazine). De mooi afgewerkte luxe box bevat een exclusieve bonus 12-inch single, een poster en certificaat van echtheid. Deze editie heeft strikt beperkte oplage van maar 2500 exemplaren en is het eerste deel van een serie van 10.